Let’s Give Identity to the Ideas Together.

We are providing services regarding national and international Brand, Patent and Design, registration and post-registration processes with our expert staff settled in Ankara. We would like you to be a part of our precious companies which we are proud of representing them and keeping their valuable references.



With Marquality enjoy the privilege of being a brand, bring the value to your production and gain a magic touch to your income.


Protect patent of products you have developed against copying, imitation and stealing with Marquality


As Marquality, we protect every detail of your industrial design for you. When industrie move forward with your design


Marquality provides you legal solutions against the violation of your rights of product and services

Customer Reviews

Akıncı Enerji

Being Akinci TAV or Akinci Enerji, the impression we had on the work we realized is Marquality is a company that keeps its word, engaged in his work, prestigious and trustworthy.

Rella Gıda

We're pleased to work with your company. Thank you for your interest and support.

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