We, are not only a company providing registration services, but also we are trustworthy partner providing strategical advisory services about the brand and products that you will create.

Our goal is to represent and protect the value you created in national and international area and bring solutions to provide competitive advantage.

If you want to create brands which will defy the years and to make your name unforgettable with innovative product and designs; register your values from now to enjoy your success in the future.

Don’t forget that protection starts from the application date.

Hakan Baser
General Manager
Patent and Brand Attorney


Marquality Ofis Fotograğları
Marquality Ofis Fotograğları
Marquality Ofis Fotograğları

Ofisimizin gerçek görselleridir.

Our Mission

Our mission is to represent and assert the prestigious people and institutions,in national and international area, who create value with the purpose of protecting the intellectual and industrial property rights necessary for the sustainable economic development of our country.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a consulting company which is in the top three in the market of intellectual and industrial property rights protection, most trustworthy, shares the knowledge and experience with the internal and external customers and domain experts; has a wide and easily accessible branch network, can adapt all the technological developments to our work and grow steadily.

Our Values

Confidence: We establish trust based relations with all the persons and institutions we work with. Solution Oriented: We believe that there are more than one solutions where the problem is. High Quality: We establish our institutional quality standards over the general expectation.People Oriented: We see people in the center of all the processes. Wholeness: We are careful about all the services we provide complete each other. Continuous Development: We believe that development is necessary for all the organs.


Our main principle is to provide trustful, fast, solution oriented and high quality consulting services to all the prestigious persons and institutions who contribute the sustainable economic development of our country, about protecting their intellectual and industrial property rights.